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The principle of beauty

needs to be cultivated, day after day.

We are convinced that the land belongs to those who farms it, and not to those who own it. We are only passing through, and so the commitment is to leave all this more beautiful and more vital than we found it. It is the pact we made with the land of Montello, in the far north-eastern part of the Veneto region. So, the first thing we did was to set a boundary. Without being able to extend the vineyards, the only way was to improve their quality. A margin to be interpreted as a design and ethical choice, linked to a balanced growth of the territory.

I vigneti di Cabernet Serafini e Vidotto a Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso

“Montello-Colli Asolani” DOC area,

which extends to the north-west of the city of Treviso, in the lower foothills.

The area is represented by two very long zones, at the foot of the hills and on the hills, stretching from east to west, joined by a lowland area and by the hills of Mercato Vecchio di Montebelluna and the hills of Caerano San Marco.

The hydrography is characterised to the north by the river Piave and to the south by the Bosco Canal, which flows at the foot of Montello. An area known for timber, which has always been used to build the foundations of Venetian houses.

Soils consisting mainly of ferruginous clay, with a characteristic dark reddish-brown colour. The particular formation and favourable climatic exposure create the perfect hydrological conditions for growing great varieties, such as Cabernet, Manzoni, Recantina and Glera. Vineyards that design slopes and plains, which have become an integral part of a spectacular panorama.

This is a land that we discovered to be strongly devoted to vineyards. It is the

Trento 133 km

Lake Garda

194 km


103 km

Vicenza 63 km


79 km


20 km


58 km


Created by Nature.

At Nervesa nature has created very beautiful hills and we have done our utmost to make them special. A territory with a strong character, with unique qualities given by their favourable exposure, the closeness of the river Piave, the protection provided by the Alps and the view of the lagoon that can be seen in the distance.

Qualities that over time, with patience and experience, we have learned to interpret correctly, improving the vitality of this nature. Cultivating our vineyards with agronomic choices based on a single condition: respect for the times of nature, right for the land and for our work.

Times that we have learned to wait for, respect and take. And sometimes even anticipate, such as the fact of already having reached the environmental impact level established by Europe.


“Dalle piscine”

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon

In the “Dalle piscine” vineyard we grow Cabernet Sauvignon.


“Dallo stagno”

Grape varieties: Pinot Nero, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

For the Pinot Nero, Merlot and Cabernet Franc varieties, we only need to go to the other side of the hill.



Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

We took the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc varieties to the highest possible level. They grow on the tallest local hill, before reaching the Panoramic road, which has always marked the dividing lines between the woods and the farmed slopes, its peak or “colmo” in Italian, from which the vineyard takes its name.


"Da Baracca"

Grape varieties: Merlot, Recantina, Glera, Manzoni

“Da Baracca" is the name given to the vineyard in which we grow Merlot, Recantina, Glera and Manzoni, as it is close to the shrine erected in the place in which the plane of WW1 hero Francesco Baracca was shot down, while returning from a mission.


Loc. Santa Croce di Nervesa “Dagli Svizzeri”

Grape varieties: Recantina, Manzoni

The “Dagli Svizzeri” vineyard is located at Santa Croce di Nervesa. Here we grow the Recantina and Manzoni varieties. It is named after a lovely Swiss couple, our friends, who live in the house overlooking the vineyard. This is our way of interpreting places.


For us sustainability is synonymous with ethics. It means that there is no other way to make wine. It took us years to reach this level of natural farming, collaborating with researchers from various universities, learning from the experiences of others. We have understood, sought and gained each small step, becoming green first and foremost in our way of thinking.

compatible and intelligent.


Campagna finanziata ai sensi del Reg. UE n. 1308/2013
Campaign financed accorting to EU Reg. no. 1308/2013

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