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Compatible and intelligent farming.

For us sustainability is synonymous with ethics. It means that there is no other way to make wine. It took us years to reach this level of natural farming, collaborating with researchers from various universities, learning from the experiences of others. We have understood, sought and gained each small step, becoming green first and foremost in our way of thinking.

We cultivate our vineyards and produce wine in the most natural way possible. Our choices have been following a single growth path for over 36 years, with the utmost respect for the land.

For over twenty years we have been using our farm compost, aged and controlled manure or, alternatively, certified organic fertilisers. We do not use herbicides, but often till by hand.

The variability of our land obliges us to use strategies targeted for each area, and throughout we have put in place a very limiting protection policy as regards the use of products.

Harvesting is carried out by hand, as is sorting and selection of the grapes, to obtain an optimal situation in the cellar that enables us to achieve the best transformation, with no interventions, with careful control throughout the entire process. 


For years we have reduced the use of SO2 to below 50% of the legal limit and have already reached the environmental impact level established by Europe for 2030.

We have obtained Biodiversity Friend environmental certification, a new step forward in protecting the biodiversity of our territory. This testifies to our commitment to improve the environmental performance of the agroecosystem through low impact agronomic practices with the planting of hedgerows and woodlands to promote pollination, by paying attention to air and water quality, and by ensuring biologically active soils. It shows our desire to transform farmed land into a treasure trove of biodiversity.


Our commitment was certified in 2011 by the CIA (Italian Confederation of Farmers) “Bandiera Verde Agricoltura” (Green Flag of Agriculture) award, assigned at national level to regions, provinces, municipalities, mountain communities, parks and, as in this case, farms that have been particularly active in policies for protecting the environment and the landscape, also for tourism, in rational use of the ground, in enhancing the value of typical products linked to the territory, and in action aimed at improving the living and economic conditions of farm workers and citizens in general.


Campagna finanziata ai sensi del Reg. UE n. 1308/2013
Campaign financed accorting to EU Reg. no. 1308/2013

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