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Francesco Serafini e Antonello Vidotto

There’s a lot
of history here,

from Galateo to the battle of Piave, but ours too.
La vigna del Roccolo di Serafini e Vidotto a Nervesa della Battaglia

We saw these hills

for the first time in 1985.

Although there were only a few vineyards, there was the inspiration that only a stunning location like this can give. The hills, the woods, the valley, the riverbanks; to farm in a place like this, capable of arousing emotions, immediately seemed remarkable to us. A landscape we are always proud to show people, which we have been taking care of and protecting for over 36 years. From the very first day, ever since the 1986 grape harvest, we have been Serafini & Vidotto. Always with the same tenacity and idea of wine: finesse, purity of the fruit, identity and character. 

These are words that all can pronounce, but which can be applied by only the few armed with passion and patience.

A future laid down by the beginnings, guaranteed by the presence of a new generation. Starting with Matteo Serafini, who grew up here, among the vineyards and the cellar and trained as oenologist with experiences abroad and in the schools of Conegliano and San Michele all’Adige. In short, ideal conditions to say that we are on solid ground, while our wines are in excellent oak barrels.

il team Serafini e Vidotto
School friends,

wine buddies.

Seeing that we are called Serafini & Vidotto, one might say that we have always been a group. Today that group has grown (in more ways than one), with a natural balance and understanding. Starting with Massimo and Kati, followed by the others. Those who have joined our family have found their place and, thanks to the place and to the atmosphere that has been created, no-one has left over the years. A sign that we share the same passion and tenacity. Because, although it is wonderful to live among nature, to enjoy a marvellous view day after day, the true value of our wine lies in the work of people.

Francesco Serafini
Antonello Vidotto
Matteo Serafini
Kati - Serafini e Vidotto
Massimo - Serafini e Vidotto
Mara - Serafini e Vidotto
Elia - Serafini e Vidotto
Sebastiano - Serafini e Vidotto
Marco - Serafini e Vidotto
Sara - Serafini e Vidotto
Michael - Serafini e Vidotto
Ivana - Serafini e Vidotto
Everyone produces quality.

We are also committed to living with it.

We have always believed that the project was about our lives. First and foremost, we had to do what we liked doing, without compromise. This is the same idea that we can find today in every Serafini & Vidotto wine. The ambition to satisfy our idea of quality. For ourselves, for the product, for all those who can rejoice in the results of our constant care.


Campagna finanziata ai sensi del Reg. UE n. 1308/2013
Campaign financed accorting to EU Reg. no. 1308/2013

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