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La cantina Serafini e Vidotto

Behind the scenes,
the true magic of wine.

When something touches us we can simply enjoy the moment, or we can try to understand more about it. This is the aim of our guided tours of the winery: to allow you to see wine through our eyes. The pleasure of the landscape, contact with the vineyards, the secrets of the cellar. A glass of wine in the company of those who created it and who know its history in depth. You will enjoy discovering that the things that make what’s in glass special are the ingredients that surround it: the places, the people and the value of work.

Interno cantina Serafini e Vidotto

We look forward to welcoming you to our estate.

Experience our passion and philosophy for crafting our wines. 

Discover the fascinating journey from vine to glass: enjoying walking through our rolling vineyards and savouring aromas of French oak barrels in our underground level cellar.

Finally, let’s taste a selection of our wines for unforgettable memories.

Serafini & Vidotto experience: buy it or, it’s also a great gift idea.

For more information:

call us: +39 0422 773281

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Cantina Serafini e Vidotto

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Campaign financed accorting to EU Reg. no. 1308/2013

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