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Serafini & Vidotto is one of the few, selected and proud suppliers of Eataly - Alti Cibi, the biggest wine and food market worldwide, where you can buy, taste and study Italian high quality food and beverage.
Born to do away with the assumption that high-quality products are reserved to a limited circle of privileged customers this brand unites a group of small companies of the food and beverage sector: reaching from pasta di Gragnano to the egg-made pasta from Langhe, from water from the Alpi Marittime in Piedmont to wine from Piedmont and Veneto, from oil from Liguria to meat from Piedmont, and of course cold cuts and cheese in traditional Piedmont and Italian tradition.
Eataly offers the best of these artisan products affordable for everyone by cutting short the distributive chain and thus creating a direct link between producer and final distributor. At the same time, Eataly promotes educational initiatives in the field of cooking (courses, tastings, seminars) that want to achieve a correct perception for quality on the customer’s side and the conviction that “eating well and healthy makes you live better”.
Eataly herewith is in all its activities following a path made of respect for tradition and with the purpose to educate people to eat in a “healthy, clean and right” way.

In the vineyard: innovation and research

Serafini & Vidotto preserve the soil and its vitality by maintaining the organic substances and by enriching them with the same micro-organisms nature has chosen for the plants’ own benefit.   >>>

Vino Libero - being natural

Producing Vino Libero - our good habit since 2006.
Vino Libero is a project that unites those vineyards that cultivate and produce wine the most natural way possible,  >>>


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Phigaia Club

Phigaia Club was set up on Friday, 17 September, 2010.
It is a social promotion and volunteer organisation that intends to gather those who find pleasure in being together and transform this good energy into pleasure also for those who are less fortunate.  >>>