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The wine is clear and bright, with bright yellow-green shades, from which solar flares shine. The movement reveals agility and consistency. The first nose reveals elegant hints of citrus and vegetables, with notes of pink grapefruit, Clementine, Lime and green apple, mint and tomato leaf.
Then there is a strong opening on rock and flint stone, alongside with progressively sweet hints of vanilla. The taste is definitely full and enveloping. At first citrus freshness and balanced sapidity, then slowly the wine broadens highlighting a robust and well-sculpted enveloping roundness, veering in slow progression to warm perceptions.
The lingering taste and smell fades away warm over large citrus, herbs and salty shades.

Ideal with crudités of crustaceans and molluscs, shrimp risotto, trenette with pesto, shrimp and fried calamari, asparagus au gratin. Nevertheless, wonderful companion of the best sweet hams: San Daniele, Parma, Sauris and Montagnana.

Production area:
Province of Treviso
Grape varieties:
Sauvignon 70%, Pinot Bianco 20%, Riesling 10%
Ferretto soil (reddish brown clayey soil)
Training System:
Guyot and Sylvoz
4,200/6,300 vines per ha
second part of September
80% stainless steel, 20% new french oak
Bottle ageing:
7/8 months
Alcoholic Content:
11.50% - 12.00% 
Market release:
1 year after harvest

In the vineyard: innovation and research

Serafini & Vidotto preserve the soil and its vitality by maintaining the organic substances and by enriching them with the same micro-organisms nature has chosen for the plants’ own benefit.   >>>

Vino Libero - being natural

Producing Vino Libero - our good habit since 2006.
Vino Libero is a project that unites those vineyards that cultivate and produce wine the most natural way possible,  >>>


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