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This Prosecco is of luminous straw-colored yellow with brilliant soft-green reflections; the perlage is fine and delicate, bubbly and persistent. The first impression in the nose is prompt and of pleasant intensity that is based on fruity and flowery notes. Right at the beginning one can notice the pulp of Golden Delicious and green apple; the second impression opens up to the fresh scent of Abate-pears and firm peaches as well as acacia blossoms in full bloom of spring; at the end it reveals an elegant mix of minerals that reminds of humid stone.
The first entry in the mouth proves prompt freshness, pleasant, fruity and great straightforwardness. After that the wine gives space to a well-balanced complexity of pleasant sensations in mouth and nose which continue in enjoyable softness. The finish is palatable and persistently fruity - altogether this is a Prosecco that is very nice to drink due to its pleasant features.

For sure it is an excellent appetizer that goes very well with shellfish and sea food as for example Scampi and Gambas. Superb also in combination with tartar made of fresh salmon with orange zests or Carpaccio of sea-bass, Goatmilk-Ricotta with apple-sauce - however, it is convenient at every moment of the day if you want to relax and/or in nice company.

Production area:
Winery soil - Nervesa della Battaglia (TV)
Grape varieties:
Prosecco 100%
Ferretto soil (reddish brown clayey soil)
Training System:
Guyot and Sylvoz
4,200 vines per ha
end of September
Bottle ageing:
not less than 4/5 months
Alcoholic Content:

In the vineyard: innovation and research

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Producing Vino Libero - our good habit since 2006.
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