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You can reach Nervesa della Battaglia with the A27 motorway, Treviso Nord exit. Continue towards Conegliano - Pordenone.
When you reach Spresiamo turn left towards Montello - Nervesa della Battaglia (22.7 Km, ca. 29 min.).

It is quite close to the international airports of Treviso (25.5 Km, ca. 32 min.), Venice (49.8 Km, ca. 43 min.), Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari (130 Km, ca. 1 hour and 36 min.) and Verona (165 Km, ca. 1 hour and 53 min.).

In the vineyard: innovation and research

Serafini & Vidotto preserve the soil and its vitality by maintaining the organic substances and by enriching them with the same micro-organisms nature has chosen for the plants’ own benefit.   >>>

Vino Libero - being natural

Producing Vino Libero - our good habit since 2006.
Vino Libero is a project that unites those vineyards that cultivate and produce wine the most natural way possible,  >>>


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Phigaia Club

Phigaia Club was set up on Friday, 17 September, 2010.
It is a social promotion and volunteer organisation that intends to gather those who find pleasure in being together and transform this good energy into pleasure also for those who are less fortunate.  >>>